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Short term disability (“STD”) benefits are intended to provide a source of income while you recover from an illness or injury. These are often provided by your employer pursuant to a group benefits plan, and may be assessed and paid by an insurance company such as Sun Life, Manulife, Canada Life, or Desjardins. Other times companies such as Morneau Shepell or Reed Group administer claims on behalf of your employer. STD claims often provide benefits ranging from 17 weeks to six months, and sometimes for up to one year.

Short term disability claims can be denied at the initial application stage, or after benefits have been paid for a period of time. The insurance company or administrator should provide written reasons for the denial, and explain the option to appeal.

If you are planning to return to work, an appeal may be the most efficient dispute resolution mechanism. Michael Jordan can assist with your appeal at no cost to you.

If you have been denied STD, and there is no immediate prospect of returning to work, you should know your legal rights, including the right to free legal advice, the right to appeal, and the right to take legal action.


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Short Term Disability Legal Advice

Insurance companies and administrators often make mistakes when assessing eligibility for short term disability benefits. Take advantage of your right to free legal advice by contacting Michael Jordan, disability insurance lawyer, who can guide you through the process. There is no fee for the initial consultation.


The Right to Appeal Denied STD Claims

You can appeal the STD denial. Unfortunately, most appeals are not successful, since they are not decided by an independent decision maker, but rather the same company that denied the claim decides the appeal. However, if you have new and compelling evidence, an appeal might be the best route, especially if you plan to return to work soon and there is a relatively small amount of money in dispute.


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The Right to Take Legal Action

If your short term disability claim has been denied, and you do not see yourself going back to work in the near future, long term disability benefits will likely be denied as well. It is therefore important to ensure you protect yourself in the event of a prolonged period away from work.

Michael Jordan can guide you through your options, at no cost to you.


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