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Michael Jordan is a long term disability lawyer serving all of Ontario with offices in Toronto, London, and Ottawa.

Michael has more than 15 years experience winning long term disability claims. He recovers millions of dollars for his clients every year, with a success rate of more than 95%. He offers free LTD appeals, free LTD case evaluations, and a “No Fee Guarantee”.

If you have been denied long term disability benefits, or have general questions related to your LTD claim, contact Michael now for fast free legal advice. All calls and form submissions go directly to Michael, and response time is usually immediate.


Millions of Dollars Recovered
Over 95% Success Rate
Free Appeals
No Fee Guarantee
Experience You Can Trust
Personal Service
Free Case Evaluation

Your Long Term Disability (LTD) Lawyer

It is important to choose a long term disability lawyer who not just meets, but exceeds your expectations.  

Michael is committed to maximizing his client’s recovery as quickly as possible, as demonstrated by a proven track record for over 15 years. He recovers millions of dollars for his clients every year.

If you have recently been denied, but are not yet ready to formally retain a long term disability (LTD) lawyer, Michael will discuss your case, and even help with the appeal, without fee or obligation. 

If you do decide to retain Michael, his No Fee Guarantee means you do not pay any costs whatsoever until the case is resolved in your favour. 

LTD Lawyer You Can Trust

Perhaps what distinguishes Michael most from other LTD lawyers is his personal service. Whether you live in Toronto, London, Ottawa, or elsewhere in Ontario, Michael will come to you.  Unlike some firms, you will not be passed off to an associate or law clerk.  Michael will be your LTD lawyer throughout, and keep in regular contact as your claim progresses. 

Contact Michael  now to find out how he can help you with your claim.

THE 3 Step Process

LTD Denial

Appeal or Lawsuit



  • Violet Kovacs AvatarViolet Kovacs

    I recently had the pleasure doing business with Michael, he was very professional and did what he said he was going to do. Michael kept me updated through the entire process! I would highly recommend Michael's services and best of all I got the outcome I was expecting! - 3/28/2021 

    Eranthi S AvatarEranthi S

    I feel very fortunate to have come across Michael Jordan's practice. His responsiveness, sense of service, and professionalism inspired a lot of confidence in me to pursue my case. I highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in an overwhelming insurance process. - 3/09/2021 

    Theresa Banks AvatarTheresa Banks

    Thank you Michael, for your hard work. I like that if I needed anything your office was there to answer my question in a timely manner. You know your information and it was a great help on the case. Michael is respectful, hard work and knowledgeable gentleman that wants the best for he clients.
    Thank you Michael and Your team for your hard work. - 2/25/2021 

    E. Anne Allan-Denys AvatarE. Anne Allan-Denys

    LTD lawyer, Michael Jordan, jumped right on board to take my case, even though he did not have much time to prepare before the closing date of my case -due to my error. Also, Michael was right up front in our initial contact with his fees.

    Due to the Covid-pandemic, we communicated through e-mails -including him taking correspondence about my case through pictures of my...
    read more - 2/07/2021 

    G M AvatarG M

    Fantastic person and great source of help. I would recommend Michael for anyone requiring legal advice. Thanks again! - 2/04/2021 

  • Gabrielaa Martinezzz AvatarGabrielaa Martinezzz

    Michael , Thank you for everything that you did ! I am so happy I had you to represent me ! I really appreciate it. - 12/29/2020 

    Anon Unknown AvatarAnon Unknown

    I am very grateful to have had Michael as my lawyer. He was exceptional in providing his professional and knowledgeable opinion in a time that I was doubtful. His kind and patient personality assisted me in some difficult decisions that ended up being the utmost best for my family and I. Can’t thank him enough for all that he has done! Highly recommend you use... read more - 12/10/2020 

    Nigel Malcolm AvatarNigel Malcolm

    Mr Jordan came into my disability fight with patience and kindness. He turned my situation around when I was being taken advantage of. He is very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to execute a plan to my benefit. He did exactly what he said he would do, and that is... Win! Thank you Michael Jordan. Much Appreciated!! - 12/03/2020 

    Donovan M AvatarDonovan M

    I have never had a lawyer who so honest and loyal!
    I was overwhelmed and stressed with a settlement I had, and Micheal provided me amazing support.
    Thank you Micheal - 11/13/2020 

    Sahra S AvatarSahra S

    Great lawyer to represent you with legal matters. Michael answered the phone personally and listened to my initial concern. He then set up a meeting face to face (prior to COVID) and the rest was history. He is very professional and understanding. Michael was able to get me settlement and get the insurance company to pay.

    I will recommend him...
    read more - 10/27/2020 

  • T Proios AvatarT Proios

    I would strongly recommend Mike to represent you in a legal action. He is by far an excellent lawyer. Not only is he by far outstanding when it comes to the law but he knows how to handle your case from start to finish and win your case! He is the staple example of what a lawyer should be (has integrity, compassionate, honest,... read more - 7/14/2020 

    Vanessa Alexis AvatarVanessa Alexis

    I strongly recommend Michael Jordan services as he displayed a high level of integrity. Michael proved to be responsive, knowledgeable, and professional with a high degree of emotional intelligence. My stress level was lessened with his attendance, support and knowledge of my case and situation. Retaining his services was the best thing I could have done with the best outcome achieved - 6/26/2020 

    Byron E Holder AvatarByron E Holder

    I strongly recommend Michel Jordan. Michael is one of the caring and most kind attorneys. He was so patient with me and incredibly attentive. Each time when I had an inquiry or concern, he would assure me that everything was going to be okay. My family was devastated when my LTD claim got denied. Michael defended my position and sought after the incident steadily. My... read more - 6/22/2020 

    Dwight Zazulak AvatarDwight Zazulak

    Having Michael represent me was one of the best decisions I've ever made. His expertise and professionalism are evident in his work and positive results. - 6/08/2020 

    Vicky Vazzoler AvatarVicky Vazzoler

    Michael restored our faith in lawyers by making sure we got what we needed and took the time and made sure we were always in contact with one another. Highly recommend his service with your issues. - 4/21/2020 

  • Andrew Ding AvatarAndrew Ding

    Michael helped me with my STD and LTD case as my Insurance company denied all my applications from the beginning. His insight, dedication and professionalism has helped reach the agreement. I highly recommend him because whether it is your first time with a lawyer or not you will be treated like a known customer you will surely get help and support from him. Thanks again Michael. - 4/19/2020 

    Jeff Bourne AvatarJeff Bourne

    Strongly recommend. Michael Jordan is professional, detailed and articulate. He can explain complicated issues and has the ability to translate them into a simple understandable terminology. My family was devastated when my LTD claim was denied. Michael defended my position and pursued the incident relentlessly. My very stressful situation ended with excellent results. Thank you again Michael. - 4/14/2020 

    Christine Dart AvatarChristine Dart

    Michael is one of the kindest and most caring lawyers. He was so patient with me and extremely attentive. Any time I had a question or concern, he would assure me that everything was going to be okay. During this difficult time as it is, he was able to continue with a mediation with ease and was able to have my case... read more - 4/09/2020 

    adam wilson Avataradam wilson

    Very refreshing to have a lawyer actually pick up the phone himself. Gave me excellent advice free of charge regarding my LTD questions. Would highly recommend. - 3/04/2020 

    dianne Ryczke Avatardianne Ryczke

    Micheal Jordan is very knowledgeable and helpful in regards to long-term disability claims. Very willing to help by explaining and listening/understanding the problem. I would reccomend his services. - 3/02/2020 

  • Davina Pearl AvatarDavina Pearl

    The assistance I received from Michael Jordan on my case was totally outstanding. I can’t say enough about his excellent service.
    Responsive, attentive, sensitive and organized, he went above and beyond any expectations I had.
    For instance, I was expecting to leave a voice mail when I reached out initially, but it was actually him, who picked the phone up himself, and even on a weekend...
    read more - 1/21/2020 

    FBGM AvatarFBGM

    I was diagnosed with a chronic illness which made it impossible for me to do my daily responsibility of my workplace as well not including all my doctors and specialist appointments. I applied for my long-term disability that was provided by my workplace benefits. Unfortunately I was denied even with all the doctor's medical documents to support my application for LTD. I went to seek... read more - 1/03/2020 

    Jen Lawrence AvatarJen Lawrence

    Michael was very helpful to me on a recent legal matter. I appreciated his prompt and thoughtful opinion. I'd highly recommend his services. - 10/17/2019 

    Mike Dibble AvatarMike Dibble


    Sarah Castellani AvatarSarah Castellani

    Michael Jordan was an absolutely amazing lawyer and got me my settlement as quick as possible. Communication was amazing and always kept me informed about what was going on with my case. Can't thank him enough for all his hard work. Very highly recommended. - 9/30/2019 

  • Lucy Esposito AvatarLucy Esposito

    Michael is fantastic person. He is very caring and professional lawyer - 9/12/2019 

    Jamie Robillard AvatarJamie Robillard

    Michael was my first ever experience with an attorney, I was referred to him by another lawyer who was not able to take my case. From the beginning, he was very personable, understanding, and easy to talk to, and the more I interacted with him, I knew I was dealing with an intelligent man who was empathetic to my situation. My case (unfortunately) dragged on... read more - 7/29/2019 

    David Rees AvatarDavid Rees

    I went to see Michael Jordan in March 2019 because my long-term disability benefits were cut off, without notice December 2018. He was referred to me by a legal clinic.
    I have been on long-term disability since 2014. I am a 60 year old male with serious mental and physical issues. My insurer is a large banking institution. My relationship with them has always been...
    read more - 4/22/2019 

    Steven P AvatarSteven P

    When my family member was off of work and dealing with long term disability she went to Michael and was very pleased with his honesty, professionalism and candor. He worked hard and achieved a very positive result.

    I am a lawyer and I have recommended Michael to many people because of the above-noted qualities. - 4/20/2019 

    c g Avatarc g

    Michael went above and beyond what I expected. What impressed me the most is how he addressed all our questions, and how easily he referenced revelant precedents to help. He is readily available, even graciously taking our call when off on vacation. - 3/10/2019 

Cash Settlements

Michael Jordan is a long term disability lawyer who will level the playing field between you and the insurance company.  He will strengthen your case by obtaining additional evidence, navigating the legal system, and forcing the the insurer to recognize the weakness of its position.

Most disputed LTD claims resolve with a single payment for both past benefits owing and for benefits into the future, plus a portion of your legal fees. Settlement amounts depend on multiple variables, including the age of the person, the test of disability, the benefit amount, the strength of the medical evidence, and other factors.  Examples of recent LTD settlements include:

Michael has successfully resolved denied long term disability claims with every major insurance company in Ontario, including Sun Life, Manulife, RBC, Desjardins, Canada Life, Industrial Alliance, and others. He represents clients with disability claims in Toronto, Ottawa, London, and all across Ontario.

Every LTD case is different, and past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Amounts recovered will vary according to the facts in individual cases. Contact Michael Jordan now for an assessment of your claim, or try our Long Term Disability Settlement Calculator

Michael Jordan
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Don’t let the insurance company get away with an unfair denial of your LTD claim. Call now to speak directly with Michael, or complete our confidential form for a quick response, usually within 15 minutes. Michael will guide you through the claims and appeals process, and answer any LTD questions you may have, free of charge.