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ABOUT MICHAEL JORDAN - Long Term Disability Lawyer in Toronto, London, Ottawa

Michael Jordan is a long term disability lawyer serving all of Ontario with offices in Toronto, London, and Ottawa.

Michael is a founding partner of the Bay Street litigation firm Jordan Honickman Barristers. He has more than 17 years experience resolving long term disability insurance claims. Michael recovers millions of dollars for his clients every year, with a success rate of over 97%. He provides no cost LTD appeal advice, free LTD case evaluations, and a “No Fee Guarantee”.

If you have been denied long term disability insurance benefits, or have a general question related to your LTD claim, contact Michael now for fast free legal advice. All calls and form submissions go directly to Michael, and response time is usually immediate.


Millions of Dollars Recovered
Over 97% Success Rate
Ranked by Lexpert as a Leading Lawyer In Long Term Disability Law
No Fee Guarantee
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Over 65 Five Star Google Reviews

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Over 70 Five Star Google Reviews

Millions of Dollars Recovered

Previous results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Contact Michael Jordan, long term disability lawyer, for an assessment of your claim.

Lexpert Ranked Lawyer For Long Term Disability Claims

2023 Lexpert Ranked Lawyer

Michael Jordan is one of just 25 long term disability lawyers, both plaintiff and defence, in all of Canada to be recognized as Lexpert-ranked in the 2023 Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory. Michael was voted by his peers as one of the 2023 Leading Legal Practitioners in long term disability law, based on an extensive peer survey process, ongoing since 1994. Lexpert-ranked lawyers are acknowledged as leaders in their fields, prominent in their practice areas and professional organizations, and professionals worthy of significant recognition from their colleagues.

How A long term disability lawyer can help

An insurer’s refusal to pay long term disability benefits can be financially disastrous.  How are you supposed to meet your obligations without a source of income?  Do not give up, there is a solution.    

When you retain a long term disability lawyer, the insurer will finally take your claim seriously.  The file is immediately pulled from the adjuster who denied your claim, and is transferred to a lawyer whose primary objective is to settle your case before it goes to court.  Less than 1% of LTD cases go to trial.

Disability insurers know that if your case goes to trial with representation from a skilled LTD lawyer, the judge is much more likely to side with you, an individual who cannot work due to illness or injury, over the interests of a multibillion dollar insurance company that is supposed to be in the business of paying claims.

A long term disability lawyer can help by:

Leveling the playing field between you and the insurer

No more contact with the insurance company

Leveraging the legal system to force the insurer to reconsider its position

Securing additional medical records and other evidence to strengthen your case

Obtaining expert opinion evidence from a network of highly qualified physicians

Negotiating the best possible settlement on your behalf

Long term disability settlements usually consist of a single lum-sum payout for both past benefits owing and future disability benefits.  How far into the future will depend on many factors, including your age, the benefit amount, and how strong the medical evidence is. 

Once your long term disability claim is resolved, you no longer have to deal with the LTD insurer. The settlement funds should provide you with enough money to help restore your finances and provide you with a buffer so you can focus on your recovery, free from interference from the insurer.


Why Choose Michael Jordan to be your Long Term Disability Insurer?

Michael has more than 17 years experience successfully litigating long term disability insurance claims. He recovers millions of dollars for his clients every year and is highly respected by the lawyers retained to defend insurance companies.  There are never any legal fees unless the case is resolved in your favour. 

Lexpert ranks Michael as one of the leading long term disability lawyers in Canada.  He has more than 70 five star Google reviews.  Michael is also personable, compassionate, client oriented, and available to answer your questions. Unlike some firms, you will not be passed off to an associate lawyer or law clerk. Michael will be your long term disability lawyer from beginning to end.   There is no need to book an appointment, all calls and form submissions go directly to him.


Don’t let the long term disability insurer get away with an unfair denial, contact Michael today!

THE 3 Step Process

LTD Claim Denial

Appeal or Lawsuit




Michael Jordan is a long term disability lawyer who will strengthen your case by obtaining additional evidence, navigating the legal system, and forcing the insurer to recognize it was wrong to deny your claim.

Most denied LTD claims settle for a single payment for both past and future benefits, plus a portion of the legal fees. Settlement amounts depend on multiple factors, including your age, the test of disability, the benefit amount, the strength of the medical evidence, and other variables.  Examples of recent LTD settlements include:

Choose An Experienced Long Term Disability Lawyer

Michael has more than 17 years experience, and regularly settles denied long term disability claims with every major insurance company in Ontario, including Sun Life, Manulife, RBC, Desjardins, Canada Life, Industrial Alliance, and others. He represents clients with disability claims in Toronto, Ottawa, London, and the rest of Ontario.

Every LTD case is different, and past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Amounts recovered will vary according to the facts in individual cases. 

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